Attracting over 24 billion Euro of inward (FDI) since 2000, and in 2011 was leader in (CEE) attracting 2.2 billion of investments. The attractiveness of Serbia continues to grow today, and is well known for its ability to bring in large jobs and intensive projects.


Serbia has bilateral agreements with the following counties and blocks:
  • EU (SAA) Stabilizing Agreement
  • EFTA – European Free Trade Association
  • Free Trade Agreement with Belarus
  • FreeTrade Agreement with Turkey
  • Free Trade Agreement with Kazakhstan
  • Free Trade Agreement with Russia

This agreement was signed in August 2000 providing zero custom rates on goods from Serbia (more than 50%). All shipments that are imported/exported to Russia are exempt from customs fees. Outside of the independent states, the Republic of Serbia is the only country that has a free trade agreement with Russia.

Our team of experts based in Serbia have engaged in many projects relevant to importing and exporting with the Russian Federation. Over its years The MEL Group has built a strong relationship with Russian business, this relationship is based on trust and integrity. The openness of our relationship is key when producing solutions for projects.



LWS is located 50km east of Belgrade on Smederevo airfield. LWS is 6 km from European route E75, 3 km from Railway, 3 km from Cargo Port and 50km from Belgrade national airport Nikola Tesla.


LWS has years of experience. We’re also able to delivery on time, as well as cost-effectively: road shipments from Serbia take just 72 hours to arrive on the UK mainland. This contrasts with the high cost of air-freight, and the much longer lead-times – up to eight weeks – required when sourcing and shipping by sea from the Far East.

Delivery by road to the UK takes between 48-72 hours – 100km away from EU borders.

Pan – European corridors 10 and 7 intersect and provide EU with fast and easy access to Middle East.


In the past few years many blue chip multinationals have positioned their manufacturing operations in Serbia.
Fiat Group, SR Technics, Bosch, Microsoft, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Draexlmaier, Stade, Continental Tires, Micheline Tires, Telenor, Gazprom…