LWS has over 7500 square meters of manufacturing free space. LWS is situated in Smederevo airfield and has ownership of over 10 hectares of land. LWS was a greenfield investment and the facility purpose built. Located at E75, we have easy access to road, air and other transport. Utilities and infrastructure is available for rapid extension of a facility, we also offer storage space for large bulky products.


Producing products for a competitive price is key for any business. LWS can produce products at a very competitive price while remaining quality driven. Manufacturing and skilled labour are becoming increasingly difficult to sustain. Many countries are being influenced by bureaucracy and legislation, driving manufacturing into lower cost countries. At LWS we remain competitive and maintain a sustainable labour rate within the region. We work with local governments to provide the right solution for our manufacturing operation and in return this creates more jobs.


LWS has vast manufacturing capability; we are able to support a large number of military, industrial and aerospace products and projects. Our experience and ‘know how’ has been gained through collaboration and cooperation with our center of engineering excellence at The MEL Group HQ in UK. LWS has the skills needed to produce precision part, product and solutions for our customers from small rubber components to complete products such as Eurofighter ground support units. LWS works closely with HQ design office and is always looking to help the design process and adhere to the procedures and documentations under The MEL Group umbrella. With the wealth of knowledge contained in The MEL Group of companies LWS is well positioned to solve the issues of obsolescence management. Obsolescence in engineering has become the scourge of industry and is becoming evermore prevalent where product volumes are dropping. We have the knowledge to re-engineer a component or product and guarantee that product – component will never be obsolete again. All re-designing and re-engineering will be supported by a safety case ensuring our customer is 100% confident that the product as a minimum is equal to the part is has replaced. Our true goal is to improve the reliability and the cost of the product that has been replaced. We understand obsolescence and it now no longer needs to be your Achilles heel.


  • CNC machining
  • Fabrications
  • Welding – all types
  • Rubber molding
  • Assembly and test of gasius and pneumatic products
  • Vacuum forming
  • Plastic molding
  • Electrical assembly
  • Pressure systems
  • Hose and pipe work assembly
  • Manufacturing assembly of electrical cabinets