Laurence Walter Serbia

Aerospace Equipment Manufacturer, Repair and Overhaul

Laurence Walter Serbia is member of the MEL Group

Laurence Walter Serbia was founded in August 2006, as its strategic English and Serbian founders vision realization. The initial idea to start the project in Serbia was based on the tendency to expand the existing capacities of the holding company Mel Aviation with the goal to win new markets and at the same time provide immediate, efficient and high quality support to clients in the field of aviation industry.

In accordance with the set goals and adopted development strategy, the managers of Mel Aviation brought the decision to incorporate Laurence Walter Ltd with the registered office in Sudbury, England. The main function of LW Ltd is to provide a complete support to the future group members in the form of the know-how, technology and extensive experience transfer, which is, undoubtedly, of utmost importance for newly formed partnerships.

Thanks to the green field investment of the major founder Laurence Walter Ltd, construction works started both on the main building and the accompanying infrastructure in Smederevo, Serbia, in 2007, which created the conditions for the future smooth development.

It was at the end of the same year that the investment phase was completed in record time, while recruiting personnel strategy was conducted at the same time. Today, the company’s personnel is top skilled after attending the training sessions at the holding company.

Lawrence Walter Serbia has fully equipped production plants with an area of around 5000 m2. There is also a possibility for a relatively fast expansion of its capacities to suit market demands. The plant location itself reflects outstanding logistic potentials, since the structures are located along the main road M24, in the immediate vicinity of the local sport airport, only 45 km far from the capital and a few kilometers away from the Danube port.

Owing to the adopted quality system, LW Serbia successfully tried and proved its skills by producing the first prototypes of the earth aviation equipment. Some long term deals are announced in the near future as well as the introduction of serial production.

The adoption of production and modeling technologies for oxygen pilot mask components is of great importance, and a special workshop within LW Serbia has been activated as a result. The rounded off production process of oxygen mask as a final product is expected to be realized during 2009.

At the same time, the civil section obtained the EASA part 145 Certificate, which ensured LW Serbia the approval of servicing certain aircraft components issued by the European aircraft authorities, and the existing Capability lists are constantly being expanded.

The final goal of LW Serbia development strategy is to become not only the main production and distribution center directed towards provision of products and services to southeastern European market, but rather a global supplier - through the support to all the companies – Mel Group members.

Our primary task is to ensure safety to our business partners, in terms of product and services quality, meeting deadlines and price competitiveness.